Zoom® Teeth Whitening Vs. Other Whitening

Zoom® Teeth Whitening Vs. Other Whitening

November 1, 2022

Having the whitest teeth in the room does not just rely on good oral care practices at home. While those are essential for maintaining white teeth, there is a secret to achieving a bright smile like your favorite celebrity. Teeth whitening is not a foreign concept in dentistry. It is among the most common cosmetic procedures in dentistry. The popularity of teeth whitening is so vast that people have resolved natural ways to brighten their smiles. From oil pulling to over-the-counter bleachers, people have gone the extra mile to achieve the smiles of their dreams. However, until you have tried zoom® teeth whitening in Detroit, MI, you will not quite understand the concept of flaunting a white, bright smile.

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

It is a method of whitening teeth that provides an alternative to the traditional in-office teeth whitening methods. The procedure entails applying zoom hydrogen peroxide gel over your teeth, then letting it sit for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the Zoom LED or plasma light shines over your teeth. After the first application, the dentist will rinse your teeth and repeat the process. Ideally, you need three light activation sessions, each 15 minutes long.

What Is the Alternative to Zoom Teeth Whitening?

In dentistry, there are two major ways to whiten teeth, including zoom teeth whitening near you. The other method is called in-office teeth whitening. It entails using whitening products and lasers to remove stains from your teeth.

How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Compare to Other Methods?

Zoom teeth whitening at My Detroit Dentist is unique in the type of whitening gel and the special light for activating the gel. Ideally, the dentist near you will apply the whitening gel, then use UV light to activate the bleaching process. The gel will penetrate your teeth’ enamel better than other whitening methods. During the process, the zoom will filter out the infrared emissions, unique from traditional in-office teeth whitening. Besides, zoom teeth whitening targets all your teeth together, instead of one by one ad is typical of traditional in-office teeth whitening.

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening the Way to Go?

Various factors make zoom teeth whitening a better approach for removing teeth stains than other methods. Some of the benefits of zoom teeth whitening are:

  1. It whitens all your teeth at once, instead of targeting one tooth at a time. Therefore, it assures you of quicker results than other teeth whitening methods.
  2. Long-lasting results – you can maintain your bright smile for 12 to 15 months. It is a longer period than other methods that can start giving in after 6 months.
  3. It offers at-home care sessions – when you pay for your zoom teeth whitening treatment, it covers the 45-minute dentist session and the ongoing at-home care sessions.
  4. It is safe for your teeth – since the treatment filters out the infrared energy, it protects your teeth from exposure to too much heat.
  5. It achieves even results – targeting all your teeth at a go ensures uniformity in the brightness and whiteness of your teeth after the treatment.

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening for Everyone?

Incredible as the treatment is for removing teeth stains, zoom teeth whitening is not ideal for all patients. For instance, patients with sensitive teeth find it difficult to tolerate all three sessions of zoom whitening. Instead, they prefer the traditional enamel bleaching treatment. Besides, patients interested in targeting specific stains on their teeth prefer to whiten one tooth at a time.


While zoom whitening and conventional in-office teeth whitening are different, they are also similar in several ways. For instance, they both rely on hydrogen peroxide gels and lasers to complete the bleaching process. Therefore, either of them is a good solution for removing teeth stains. Ultimately, choosing the best teeth whitening treatment for your smile should be affected by your needs and preferences. There is nothing wrong with choosing the traditional in-office teeth whitening if it meets all your needs and wants. However, keep an open mind to consider a different and better way of whitening your teeth.

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