Which Dental Filler Is Optimal: Silver Amalgam or Composite Resin

Which Dental Filler Is Optimal: Silver Amalgam or Composite Resin

May 5, 2022

When matters related to dental fillings are concerned, silver amalgam and composite resin fillings both have their benefits and drawbacks. This article looks at both options to help you understand them better.

When you visit your dentist 48202 for a routine exam and receive information that you have a cavity, you probably express alarm at how the infection got into your tooth. Fortunately, dentistry advances now provide different options to restore your tooth. Earlier, traditional silver amalgam fillings were the only option for restoring teeth with holes. Most dental offices providing dental fillings near you also provide composite resin fillings.

Silver amalgam and composite resin offer some benefits and downsides. Knowing the pros and cons ahead of time helps you make an informed decision on the filling you desire whenever the need arises. Of course, you can consider yourself lucky if he never develop a cavity in your tooth, but the chances are that you might need fillings at some point in your life. Estimates available state 90 percent of Americans between 20 and 64 have at least one niche, and the number increases to 96 percent for people over 65.

Why Are Dental Fillings Essential?

Before delving into the benefits and downsides of the materials used to fill cavities, let us discuss dental filling and how it improves oral health and beauty. Dental fillers help replace tooth decay in the enamel to restore the tooth’s appearance, strength, and structure. Unfortunately, tooth enamel is susceptible to bacterial despite being the most robust tissue of the body.

Plaque occurs naturally in your mouth, forming bacteria on the teeth. The buildup of plaque and accumulation of bacteria encourages the microorganisms to deposit acids on the tooth enamel to soften it. When the bacteria penetrate the tooth enamel, they cause cavities. If left untreated, the bacteria penetrates deep into the tooth to get to the soft center resulting in the need for root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

When placing dental fillings in Detroit, the dentist removes the bacteria in decay, thoroughly cleans the tooth, and places a dental filling into the prepared hollow space to reinforce the structural integrity of the tooth. When you have dental fillings placed, you can enjoy restored function of the tooth and better oral health.

Benefits and Downsides of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Various metals like silver, mercury, zinc, and copper help make amalgam fillings, often referred to as silver or metal fillings. Amalgam fillings are more affordable than composite resin and offer long-lasting results. When cared for with proper dental hygiene, amalgam fillings last for 15 years. Amalgam fillings make a superior choice for larger areas of decay because of the metal alloy used when making them and offer more robust resistance to damage.

Unfortunately, amalgam fillings have developed an unsavory reputation because of their mercury content. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and some patients are allergic to it. Amalgam fillings are not aesthetically pleasing and are noticeable if placed in the aesthetic zone of your mouth. Over time amalgam fillings and darken the entire tooth’s appearance making it look greyish and dull and impacting your smile.

Benefits and Downsides of Composite Resin Fillings

A combination of acrylic and ceramic helps make composite resin fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, blend beautifully with your natural tooth enamel. Composite resin delivers an aesthetically pleasing restoration and requires less enamel removal when preparing your tooth, enabling you to maintain your natural tooth structure as much as possible.

Unfortunately, composite resin fillings are not as durable as amalgam fillings and merely last for five to seven years before needing replacements and are more expensive than silver amalgam. Tooth-colored fillings also need more time when restoring your tooth, adding to the cost.

Which Solution Is Best Suited for Your Needs?

If you have a cavity on the front tooth, you might not want the filling material to impact your smile and prefer composite resin having a tooth-colored appearance. However, if your molar is affected by a large cavity, the dentist office in Detroit recommends you have amalgam fillings because of their durability and the higher biting forces they can absorb. Therefore you must understand both dental fillers are optimal for your teeth depending on the location of the cavity, your aesthetic preferences, costs, and insurance coverage. Silver amalgam provides you with a durable filling at an affordable price, while composite resin costing more and needing faster replacements complements your aesthetic appearance.

If you must have dental fillings in your tooth, please do not hesitate to visit My Detroit Dentist, where the experienced professionals will guide you through the filling procedure and help you make an informed decision.

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