Zoom Teeth Whitening in Detroit, MI

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Detroit, MI

Are you searching for one of the fastest and most reliable professional teeth whitening procedures available from a dentist near you? Do you want a brighter smile but don’t have time to wait for at-home whitening products to work? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that our dentists at My Detroit Dentist can provide you with the solutions and results you’re looking for in less than an hour with Zoom in-office tooth whitening!

That’s right. The proven method of Zoom teeth whitening near you from our dentists can be completed in as little as one appointment. That means if you find out in the morning that you have an important meeting or interview coming up later that day or the next, you can schedule an appointment for Zoom teeth whitening during your lunch hour that same day if our schedule allows.

A Carefree One-Hour Treatment

If our office has not professionally cleaned your teeth within the past six months, we ask that you schedule an appointment for that procedure first so we can ensure that your teeth are healthy and ready to receive Zoom whitening treatment. For example, if we discover a decayed or sensitive tooth, we will need to address those concerns before proceeding with Zoom whitening.

When you visit us for your actual Zoom whitening treatment, you will experience a quick, efficient, and even relaxing appointment. There is nothing invasive about Zoom teeth whitening near me, and you’re encouraged to relax or listen to music while we lighten your teeth.

Before your treatment begins, we’ll discuss how white you’d like your teeth to be so you’ll know what you can expect by the end of your procedure. To help maintain your results, we’ll also provide you with a home-use touch-up kit with custom-fitted whitening trays.

Professional Whitening is the Preferred Whitening

You may be tempted to try over-the-counter or DIY ideas instead of professional treatment. Keep in mind that only professional whitening products, such as Zoom teeth whitening from dental offices near you, can keep your teeth safe from inferior or imposter products. Remember that paying for a superior product or service is often more cost-effective than paying for the repair of damage from an inferior product.

Call us now to learn about the pricing of Zoom teeth whitening from our dentist office in Detroit.

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