Tooth Extractions in Detroit, MI

Tooth Extractions in Detroit, MI

If you suspect that you need to have a tooth extracted, we invite you to select our team of dentists near you at My Detroit Dentist to experience gentle dental extractions and more. Whether you need to have a tooth pulled due to damage that can’t be repaired or to make room for future dental work and optimum oral health, our dentists in Detroit, MI are here for you.

Types of Dental Extractions Near You

Although every patient will be unique in their need for tooth extraction, our dentists at My Detroit Dentist perform all dental extractions in one of two categories: simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. As you can discern from the naming structure, simple tooth extractions do not require cutting the gum area, whereas surgical extractions do.

The most common type of simple tooth extraction involves removing a tooth that has become too damaged to repair, removing a tooth to create more room for straighter teeth to emerge, or removal of a tooth for success in orthodontic treatment, just as aligner therapy.

Surgical tooth extraction is used primarily to remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted and create the potential for future dental concerns down the road. Although the procedure is considered surgical, the use of sedation dentistry and advanced technology by our dental offices near you ensure the procedure to be as pain-free as possible. My Detroit Dentist’s dental care team will also provide you with complete pre-procedure and post-procedure care and instructions so you can resume your normal activities as quickly as possible afterward.

Replacing an Extracted Tooth

If your tooth is being extracted due to damage or decay that cannot be repaired through restorative dental treatments, our dentists have several options for your tooth replacement. These include dental bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures Detroit. When you visit My Detroit Dentist for your exam and treatment plan, our team will provide you with information on every option to consider for your tooth replacement post-extraction.

Get Started Today

Whether you need a tooth extracted due to damage or decay, to make room for emerging or shifting teeth during orthodontic treatment, or to remove wisdom teeth before they become impacted, our dentist office in Detroit, MI at My Detroit Dentist are here for you. We invite you to make an appointment now using our online booking tool to learn more about dental extractions near you.

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