Partials and Full Dentures in Detroit, MI

Partials and Full Dentures in Detroit, MI

Do you have missing teeth that you’d like to have replaced but don’t want to undergo the months of treatment time required for implant procedures? Has it been a while since you’ve explored the many advances made in restorative dentistry, including the advancements in partial or full dentures near you? If so, you’ll be excited to learn that our team of dentists at My Detroit Dentist can provide you with solutions and answers that you’re looking for!

Our dentists in Detroit, MI know that there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to tooth replacement. That’s why we provide a full range of treatment options to help you restore the beauty and functionality of your smile, including dental implants in Detroit, dental bridges, and full and partial dentures. When you visit My Detroit Dentist for your tooth replacement consultation, we’ll ensure that you receive the information you need for each treatment option. That way, you have the freedom to choose the one that’s right for your oral health, your lifestyle, and your short-term and long-term goals.

Modern Partial and Full Dentures Near You

Not only will your dentures from our dentist office in Detroit, MI be comfortable to wear, but they will be natural-looking too. Thanks to the many advancements made in dental technology and materials, wearing dentures is no longer equated as an old-fashioned solution to tooth loss. Our goal at My Detroit Dentist is to help our patients keep their natural teeth for a lifetime, but when situations occur that necessitate tooth replacement, our commitment to modern dentistry and the use of advanced technology is unparalleled.

Caring for Your Dentures

Different types of dentures will require different types of care. We’ll provide you with full post-procedure care instructions as a part of your denture treatment plan, but they generally require removal of the appliance at night along with overnight cleaning with an effervescent tablet dropped into water. If this routine sounds like something you’d like to avoid, our dentists at My Detroit Dentist offer other tooth replacement procedures such as dental implants near you or dental bridges that are permanently affixed to your jaw.

How to Get Started

Instead of continuing to wonder which option is best for you, we invite you to schedule an appointment with My Detroit Dentist to learn more about partial and full dentures Detroit along with dental implants and dental bridges near you.

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