Dental Implants in Detroit, MI

Dental Implants in Detroit, MI

Do you have one or more missing teeth that you’d like to replace with more comfort, durability, and natural appearance than other tooth replacement options? As a multi-specialty dental practice in Detroit, MI, our dentists near you at My Detroit Dentist provide a full suite of tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and partial dentures Detroit. Still, dental implants near you are often a top choice for patients seeking the most natural-looking, natural-functioning, and durable option.

Custom Dental Implants Near You

Our dentists in Detroit, MI utilize advanced technologies and equipment, including 3D digital imaging, to ensure that your implant procedure is performed as quickly as possible and with the most efficacy available. When you visit us for your dental implant consultation, our dentists will design a treatment plan based on the tooth’s location to be replaced and other factors. For example, some patients may require bone augmentation and ridge expansion, while others may require a sinus lift or no adjunct treatment at all. Because every patient is different, we’ll design a customized treatment plan for your needs, including a timeline and costs. And although your dental implants in Detroit will require multiple appointments to complete, the treatment plan will help you plan for those appointments well in advance.

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

You may think that it’s not necessary to replace a missing tooth since it’s in an area of your mouth that can’t be seen or does not affect your ability to chew or speak clearly, but there are long-term changes in your dental health that will occur unless the tooth is replaced. These include:

  • Risk of bite collapse
  • The eruption of opposing teeth
  • Bone deterioration and changes in facial structure

It’s not a matter of “if” these changes will occur; it’s a matter of “when.” Instead of worrying about these long-term problems, you can take control of your appearance and oral health today by scheduling a consultation for tooth replacement, including the use of sedation dentistry if needed, with our dentist office in Detroit.

Please call our office now or use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with My Detroit Dentist and our dental offices near you.

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