Dental Crowns in Detroit, MI

Dental Crowns in Detroit, MI

Sometimes referred to as dental caps, dental crowns are a multi-purpose procedure used by our dentist office near you at My Detroit Dentist to help you keep a tooth that may otherwise need to be extracted and replaced.

Some other common reasons for dental crowns near you may include:

  • To rebuild a tooth that has become worn down from teeth grinding or another overuse
  • To restore a tooth that has become cracked or fractured
  • To add support to a tooth that has a large filling with little natural tooth structure remaining to support it
  • To change the aesthetic appearance of a tooth or other cosmetic dental modifications
  • To cover a dental implants near you or hold a dental bridge

When you visit our dentists in Detroit, MI for your dental crown consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions about why the procedure is necessary to help you preserve a tooth rather than the alternative of extracting it and replacing it.

Types of Dental Crowns Near You

There is a choice of materials that can be used for your dental crown. When you visit My Detroit Dentist for your consultation, we’ll also discuss which material is best suited for your procedure since each patient will have different needs. As an overview, crowns can be made of stainless steel, other metals such as gold, porcelain that is fused to metal, resin, or ceramic. Each material will have its advantages and disadvantages and best-uses for specific mouth areas such as molars and teeth used for chewing or teeth that can be seen when you smile.

Two other dental crowns used by our dentist in Detroit, MI are dental onlays and ¾ crowns. They are used for the same reasons that a full traditional dental crown is used, but they only cover a portion of your tooth instead of the whole tooth.

As far as durability, your dental crown can last up to 15 years or more with proper care and the avoidance of habits such as chewing ice, nail-biting, teeth grinding, or using your teeth to open things such as wrapping or other packaging. When you visit our dentists for your preventive dentistry appointments, we’ll monitor the condition of your crown to ensure that you’re on track for maximum durability.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to answer all of your questions about dental crowns and how they can help preserve one or more of your teeth or be used for a dental bridge or a dental implant in Detroit, MI. Please give us a call now to learn more.

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