Removable Dental Bridge vs. Fixed Bridge

Removable Dental Bridge vs. Fixed Bridge

January 1, 2023

Having missing teeth is a common problem facing millions of people in our country. Almost any adult you meet has lost one tooth. Thankfully, we live in an era where having missing teeth isn’t a major setback since there are tons of missing teeth replacements, such as dental bridges in Detroit.

It is always an excellent idea to replace missing teeth since you will improve your oral health and restore your smile.

Dental bridges have been around for decades; however, they improve daily since dental technology is evolving. You have the option of picking whichever type of dental bridge that suits your needs. But picking the right one can be challenging. So, let’s see the difference between a removable dental bridge and a fixed dental bridge.

Understanding Removable Dental Bridges       

It might surprise you when you discover that removable dental bridges can also be referred to as removable dentures. They are made of acrylic resin attached to a clasp. These bridges can be made up of a variety of metal combinations.

A removable dental bridge has tooth crowns on each end that our dentist in Detroit clips onto existing teeth. Once these dental bridges are in place, you must remove them daily to clean them.

Some patients will gravitate towards this option since they are cheaper and don’t require surgery. They are also customized to ensure that they fit in your mouth and are comfortable.

Getting Removable Dental Bridges

The process commences with a dental examination, where our dentist will take a closer look at your teeth to check for signs of infection or if you need an extraction. The teeth adjacent to the space will also be examined since they need to be healthy to act as anchors.

After the dental exam, our dentist will use wax to take an impression of your bite before fabricating your removable dental bridges. Taking impressions is critical since your dental bridge will be fabricated precisely as the impression to ensure that it fits your mouth.

When the removable dental bridges are ready, you will come for a fitting. When our dentist places them in your mouth, they will feel uncomfortable. You will need some time to adjust to them.

Fixed Dental Bridges 

On the other hand, we have fixed dental bridges near you for patients seeking a more permanent option. Like a removable dental bridge, a fixed dental bridge has dental crowns on each side. But instead of using clasps for anchorage, they depend on the adjacent teeth. Your teeth will become the anchors and are known as abutment teeth. Our dentist will file the adjacent teeth to create room for the crowns to fit. This dental bridge is a permanent solution since it cements your teeth.

There are certain scenarios where a patient may not have healthy adjacent teeth, which might be challenging. In such cases, opting for a dental implant as an anchor will be the best option.

Therefore, you might have to undergo dental implant surgery for our dentist to place a dental implant into your jawbone. This will mean you will have to wait for three to six months before getting your new set of pearly whites. The reason is that your jawbone and gums need time to heal, and in most cases, it takes at least three months for the jawbone to fuse with the implant.

Removable Dental Bridges vs. Fixed Dental Bridges

Getting removable dental bridges is a relatively quick process. Once our dentist has taken your impressions, the process is as good as done. This is because you will get fitted after fabrication, and the dental bridges will be clasped onto the adjacent teeth.

Removable dental bridges are also pocket-friendly. So, get removable dental bridges if you want a missing tooth replacement that will not dent your wallet.

However, they are less comfortable than fixed dental bridges since they can easily shift out of position. Also, you will have to remove them every day to clean them.

On the other hand, fixed dental bridges offer better functional and aesthetic solutions. They don’t shift in the mouth, making them more comfortable. They won’t slip out when you are eating or talking.

However, fixed dental bridges aren’t the best option when you are uncomfortable with your adjacent teeth being used as anchors. They are also more costly than their counterparts.

So, which one will you go for?

The best way to know will be to visit our dentist 48202 at My Detroit Dentist for a dental examination. Therefore, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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