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Meet your personal trainer – Jonathan White. For 10 years, he has mastered the simple techniques needed to  transform your life and take control of your mind, body & spirit. Getting healthy is not about losing weight or how you look. It’s beyond fitness. It’s doing your everyday life without the fear if gaming or getting unhealthy.

In 16 weeks, Jonathan White perfected over 70  step by step workouts that you do on a daily or  weekly basis with great result and development.

There’s no need to skip on delicious meals while doing he workout. Even when you get too busy at working or/at school or the hustles, that you can do, this program is system equipped with easy to follow techniques for  beginners their and professional alike. 

Jonathan is a WBFF Pro (youngest to do so at 22!). He is an International Elite Level Power with 5 Power Lifting Records. Hailed Santa Monica Trainer of the year with over 20,000 hours of personal training Nutrition Certified.

Check out how he has mastered the approach and program not just for himself but also for all the clients of all age range and experience levels which earns him a spot at Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model.

“In this cover story I go over the principles of T3 and how its  can easily be integrated into anyone’s busy lifestyle to change  mind and body forever.”

A recent study at Rutgers University.  And published in Phytochemistry,  confirmed a long-held theory that Ingestion of cranberries is helpful in  protecting harmful bacteria in the urinary tract.

This is due to one of its natural
compounds called proanthocyanidin  [PAC’s], and its anti-adhesion effect.

The anti-adhesion property of
cranberries prevents bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract , which is one of the most common regions for a woman to develop a bacterial infection.

Half off all women will experience at least one urinary tract infection in their lifetime.

E coli, bacteria that cause urinary tract  infections, are becoming

increasingly resistant to common antibiotics.

The study concluded that 80% of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria where prevented from sticking by the anti-adhesion property  of cranberries. There is some conjecture that PAC’s found in the cranberry may minimize  stomach ulcers and gum disease by the  same mechanism.

This study compared the action of PAC’s in cranberries to those in other foods such as grape and apple juice, dark chocolate and green tea. Apparently, not all PAC-rich foods have the same success or offer the same protection.

By means of comparison, one eight-ounce glass of cranberry juice has the equivalent PAC’s as a cup of frozen or fresh cranberries, 1/3 cup of sweetened dried cranberries or 1/3 cup of cranberry sauce.

Both this study and earlier research show that the benefits of one glass of cranberry juice kicks in about two hours
after consumption and last for about 10 hours.

So it is recommended that you drink one glass of cranberry juice in the morning and one evening for the maximum protection. Remember, cranberry is a food and not a treatment.

Keep in mind that anyone who suspects an infection should consult the appropriate health care practitioner.

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