Getting Immediate Dentures and After-Care Tips

Getting Immediate Dentures and After-Care Tips

November 1, 2021

Immediate dentures are dentures designed as a temporary solution for missing teeth. These full or partial false teeth are used so that you do not have to deal with missing teeth as you wait for your customized permanent dentures to be fabricated.

The dentist in Detroit will place immediate dentures in your mouth on the same day that your damaged teeth are extracted. They protect your gum tissue as it heals after extraction and helps maintain your smile’s appearance.

Immediate dentures in Detroit are frequently adjusted and aligned to ensure a proper fit as they are worn for about 6-8 months. Then, as your gums heal and the swelling goes down, the denture will be adjusted and dental materials added to its inside parts.

The periodic adjustments are carried out to prevent the dentures from slipping and moving and ensure comfort in your mouth.

Procedure for Getting Immediate Dentures

After some trips to the dental offices near you for consultation and examinations, the treatment plan for your dentures will be finalized. Our dentist office near you will measure your lower and upper jaws, note their shape and the exact shade of your natural teeth.

If only a few teeth are to be extracted, you will require immediate partial dentures. Your bite will be recorded and an impression of the teeth taken to order the dentures. Once the immediate partial dentures are ready, your dentist in Detroit will extract the required teeth then place and fit your new dentures.

The procedure for complete immediate dentures Detroit involves extraction of the back teeth first. Then the gums are left to heal for around 4-8 weeks. After healing, an impression of your mouth and jaw will be made to design your immediate dentures.

When the complete immediate dentures are ready, the remaining front teeth will be extracted and the dentures placed. Again, minor adjustments are made for a comfortable fit.

Either set of dentures needs to be worn for twenty-four hours after tooth extraction before removing them. The dental team will schedule follow-up visits for refitting as your gum heals. In addition, further bite impressions of your jaws will be taken to facilitate customization of your permanent dentures.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

  1. You avoid embarrassment due to missing teeth as the dentures are placed on the same day as your extraction.
  2. Your tissues at the extraction site are protected during the healing process.
  3. Immediate dentures minimize gum bleeding after teeth extraction.
  4. These dentures help you to chew food more easily compared to chewing without teeth.
  5. Our teeth affect our speech. After tooth extraction, if the gaps are not filled immediately, you will have to learn how to speak without teeth, then later learn how to speak with dentures in the mouth. Immediate dentures help establish speech patterns early.
  6. They fill gaps left by the extracted tooth or teeth immediately; therefore, you do not have to change your schedule if you require appearing in public.
  7. The remaining teeth in your mouth will not shift out of place and cause facial distortion since the gaps left by the missing tooth are filled immediately.

After-Care for Immediate Dentures

  1. Do not take out the dentures until twenty-four hours elapse after they are placed in your mouth.
  2. Avoid hard and chewy foods a few days after the extraction and placement of immediate dentures. You can consume pasta, yogurt, eggs, smoothies, bananas, and potatoes, then gradually eat more solid foods as the gums continue healing.
  3. Take them out carefully with clean hands and rinse them under cold water. Then, use a denture brush to scrub the dentures inside and outside.
  4. Rinse your mouth regularly using some warm salty water or the prescribed antibacterial rinse.
  5. The immediate dentures can be taken out at bedtime on the fourth day after placement, then rinsed, and put back in the mouth in the morning. The remaining teeth in the mouth can be cleaned with toothpaste then.
  6. Begin attending regular dental checkups a week after placement of immediate dentures near you to ensure your gums heal without complications.

At My Detroit Dentist, our experienced dental experts will set you up with your new immediate dentures using our state-of-the-art dental technology. Make an appointment at our dentist office in Detroit for innovative dental solutions to various dental concerns.

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