Dr. Kenneth Harden
Dr. Kenneth Harden DDS

When Dr. Harden graduated from dental school at Howard University, he not only wanted to create beautiful smiles but create beautiful smiles for the residents of his beloved city of Detroit. That vision was realized when he founded Harden Family Dentistry over 25 years ago. Through dedication, determination, and continuing education – Harden Family Dentistry has become one of the premiere “Painless” dental facilities in the metro Detroit area. Dr. Harden understands pain and has pioneered a “Painless” dental technique that works for about 98% of his patients, making him the dentist to come when you’re in pain.

In 2012, Dr. Harden began to adopt the latest in technology, including digital x-rays, paperless patient records, and more. Thus transforming Harden Family Dentistry into My Detroit Dentist.

We invite you to come be a part of the My Detroit Dentist family and experience the MDD difference. Contact us today to set up your next dental appointment.

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